What is OBD-II Code P07CE – Transmission Mode Switch D Circuit

What is OBD-II Code P07CE – Transmission Mode Switch D Circuit

As a mechanic, when we diagnose an OBD code, it is important to understand what it means and how to fix it properly. One of the codes that occur in the transmission system is P07CE, which indicates an issue with the transmission mode switch D circuit. In this article, we will explain what P07CE means, what causes it, and how to fix it.

What is the Transmission Mode Switch D Circuit?

The transmission mode switch is an essential component of the automatic transmission system. It is responsible for identifying the position of the shifter and communicating it to the engine control module (ECM). The transmission mode switch has multiple circuits, including Mode Switch A, Mode Switch B, Mode Switch C, and Mode Switch D.

The purpose of the mode switch D circuit is to inform the ECM that the shifter is in the ‘Drive’ position. When the mode switch D circuit fails or malfunctions, the ECM receives an erroneous signal, and it may not operate correctly. This is where the P07CE code comes in.

What is OBD-II Code P07CE?

OBD-II is a standardized system used in most modern cars to diagnose and report engine issues. P07CE is a trouble code that is associated with the transmission mode switch D circuit. OBD-II codes are essential for mechanics to diagnose faults in cars.

The P07CE error code indicates that the signal being sent by the transmission mode switch D circuit to the ECM is invalid. Essentially, the transmission mode switch D circuit is not communicating the correct information to the ECM. This leads to further complications in the car, and it may not operate correctly.

What causes the P07CE Code and its Symptoms?

There could be several reasons for the P07CE code to appear. Generally, the causes for the code are:

1) Faulty transmission mode switch
2) Wiring problems or shorts in the mode switch D circuit
3) Malfunctioning ECM

The symptoms associated with P07CE code may vary, but some common symptoms include:

1) Transmission slipping or not engaging properly
2) Transmission shifting issues
3) Harsh shifting
4) Prolonged vehicle acceleration time
5) False neutral or park status

How to fix P07CE Code?

Fixing the P07CE trouble code will require a thorough inspection of the transmission mode switch D circuit or the transmission system. However, before attempting to fix the issue, you should read the underlying symptoms to diagnose the origin of the problem, then follow your preferred guidelines for transmission-related issues.

Here is a series of steps that can be taken to fix the P07CE code:

1. The first step is to connect an OBD-II scanner to the car’s computer and read the error code. This will help in identifying the problem area.

2. Check the wiring and connections of the transmission mode switch, specifically the mode switch D circuit. This can be done manually or by using a multimeter, as it will check circuit impedance, short circuit, continuity issues in the wires.

3. If there are any electrical problems in the transmission mode switch D circuit, they may need to replace or repaired. However, if there is any corrosion in the wiring, or the wiring is damaged, they will likely need to be replaced or repaired.

4. If the wiring has no issues, then the transmission mode switch should be inspected. The transmission mode switch may be faulty, and it may need to be replaced.

5. After replacing or repairing the faulty wiring or the transmission mode switch, reset the code, which can be done using an OBD-II scanner. Then, take the vehicle for a test drive to ensure that the issue has been resolved.


1. Can I still drive the car with the P07CE code?
Although you can drive with the P07CE code depending on the symptoms, it’s not advised as it can lead to further complications in the transmission system if the problem isn’t resolved immediately.

2. Can I repair P07CE code by myself?
It depends on the complexity of the problem, but it’s not recommended to repair it on your own if you don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge. It is best to seek professional assistance.

3. How much does it cost to fix P07CE code?
The cost of repairs for the P07CE trouble code may vary depending on the origin of the problem, the extent of the repairs required, and accessibility. Your mechanic will be able to provide you with more information on this.

4. How does the transmission mode switch communicate with the ECM?
The Transmission mode switch communicates with the ECM through a voltage signal, and it indicates various positions of the gear shifter.

5. How often should I have my transmission system inspected?
It is essential to have your transmission system inspected regularly, preferably twice a year, to keep your car running optimally and avoid any complications.


The P07CE trouble code is a tell-tale sign of transmission issues that require immediate attention. As a car owner, it’s crucial to get your vehicle inspected by a mechanic to ensure that the problem is fixed correctly. By understanding the symptoms, causes, and fixing procedures of the P07CE code, you can play an informed role in keeping your car in good condition. If you find yourself in doubt, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a professional mechanic.

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