What is OBD-II Code P2602 – Coolant Pump A Control Circuit Low

Section 1: Understanding OBD-II Codes
The On-board Diagnostic system (OBD) is a supply of significant information about the wellbeing of your car’s engine. An OBD-II code is a standardized value that your car’s computer uses to report faults or issues with the engine. The computer-based system monitors and regulates various parts of the vehicle, including the fuel system, emissions control, and engine management.

Section 2: Understanding Error Code P2602
Diagnostics for the P2602 code begins with a thorough investigation of the coolant pump A control circuit to determine if the following issues are related: open and short circuit, poor electrical connection, malfunctioning coolant pump A.

The P2602 diagnostic trouble code is defined as a signal from the engine control module that describes a low voltage concern in the coolant pump control circuit for the electric coolant pumps. This code is exclusive to vehicles fitted with a coolant pump that requires electrical power.

Section 3: Causes of Error Code P2602
The P2602 error code can be caused by several things, including:
1. Faulty electrical connectors in the coolant pump circuit.
2. The coolant pump motor may have failed or malfunctioned.
3. The wiring to the coolant pump motor or relay could be damaged or shorted.
4. Failed or malfunctioning engine control module (ECM).
5. Defective coolant temperature sensor or engine coolant temperature sensor.

Section 4: Symptoms of P2602 Code
The following symptoms may indicate that the P2602 error code has been generated:
1. Trouble starting the car
2. The temperature gauge on your dashboard reads higher or lower than normal.
3. Overheating engine
4. Loss of power or hesitation while driving
5. Illuminated check engine light
6. Inconsistent climate controls

Section 5: Resolving Error Code P2602
The P2602 error code requires a professional mechanic. However, the following are some troubleshooting measures that you can take before seeking professional assistance.
1. Check for any faulty electrical connections in the coolant pump circuit and repair as necessary.
2. If the coolant pump motor has failed, replace it.
3. Repair or replace damaged or shorted wiring to the coolant pump motor or relay.
4. If you suspect an issue with the engine control module, have it tested at a professional service center.
5. Check and replace the coolant temperature sensor or engine coolant temperature sensor, if necessary.


Q1. Can I still drive my car if the P2602 code appears?
A. Operating your car with a malfunctioning engine cooling system may cause engine overheating and eventually lead to engine failure.

Q2. What are the possible causes of the P2602 code?
A. Some causes of the P2602 code include faulty electrical connectors in the circuit, failed engine control module, damaged wiring and short circuit.

Q3. Is it safe to fix the P2602 code on your own?
A. It is advisable to have a professional mechanic handle the P2602 error code as it requires expertise and specialized equipment.

Q4. How much does it cost to fix the P2602 code?
A. The cost of repairing the P2602 code varies depending on the underlying cause, the extent of damage, and the service center you choose.

Q5. How long does it take to repair the P2602 code?
A. The repair time taken depends on the nature and complexity of the underlying issue. Generally, skilled mechanics can fix the P2602 error code within a few hours.

Error code P2602 is a serious issue that requires prompt attention to prevent significant damages. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above or receive a check engine light warning, it is best to schedule a professional diagnosis and repair. Regular car maintenance can help you avoid downtime, reduce repair costs, and improve your ride’s performance.

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