What is OBD-II Code P2B14 – Cylinder 3 Injection Pulse Offset Not Learned

What is OBD-II Code P2B14 – Cylinder 3 Injection Pulse Offset Not Learned

If you own a car, then the term OBD-II code won’t be new to you. OBD-II, or On-Board Diagnostics II, is a standard system that diagnoses vehicle’s engine and emission-related issues. The system detects and reports faults using codes for easy interpretation. P2B14 error code is one of the OBD-II codes frequently encountered by both drivers and mechanics. This code has to do with the fuel injection system of the engine and specifically cylinder 3. In this article, we will be exploring what OBD-II code P2B14 entails, including its causes, symptoms, diagnostics, and repair.

Symptoms of OBD-II Code P2B14

When an engine is experiencing cylinder 3 fuel injection errors, you can expect some noticeable symptoms. First, the car may not start or might have difficulty starting. Secondly, it could also start but lack sufficient power to accelerate. The engine could consume more fuel than it usually does. You could also notice reduced fuel economy, resulting in more trips to the gas station and decreased engine performance.

Causes of P2B14 Error Code

P2B14 error code indicates a malfunction of the cylinder 3 injection pulse. For this error to set, the engine control unit (ECU) must be unable to establish the required pulse correlation between the injector control circuit and the corresponding cylinder 3 injector. There are various reasons why this could happen, including faulty wiring, a defective injector, or a failing ECU.

Diagnosing P2B14 Error Code

The first step in diagnosing any OBD-II error code is to retrieve the specific code with a scan tool. For this case, a mechanic or driver needs an OBD-II scan tool to read and retrieve the P2B14 error code. When diagnosing this error, technicians ensure that all electrical connections, including those related to the injector control module, are in good condition. The mechanic then tests the injector for a signal by using a tester that simulates the injector pulse. If the injector tests negative, the injector should be replaced. When testing the injector’s signal, if the circuit connection test fails, the mechanic checks the wiring between the ECU and fuel injector for possible damage. The computer module may require replacing if all these tests returned negative results.

Repair for P2B14 Error Code

Once the diagnostic process identifies the problem, the mechanic needs to do the necessary repairs. If the injector pulse test shows that the injector is in good working condition, the mechanic may proceed to test the injector’s wiring for any faults. If all electrical connections test positive and without any fault, the mechanic will have no option but to replace the ECU module entirely. If the mechanic replaces the ECU module, it requires programming to match the vehicle. Once the repair is complete, the mechanic will then clear the error code and turn off the check engine light.


1) What causes P2B14 – Cylinder 3 Injection Pulse Offset Not Learned?

P2B14 error code indicates that a problem exists in cylinder 3′s injection pulse. The code can show up in various ways, including a poorly functioning injector, faulty wiring, or a failing ECU.

2) Can P2B14 Error Code Affect Engine Performance?

Yes, this error code affects the performance of the engine due to the poor or no functioning of the cylinder 3 fuel injector. It can result in the engine consuming more fuel and reduced fuel economy.

3) Can a driver continue driving with P2B14 Error Code?

It is not advisable to continue driving with any error in the engine control module. When P2B14 error code appears, we recommend taking the vehicle to a mechanic who will diagnose and repair it.

4) How Much Will Repair of P2B14 Cost?

The cost of repairing P2B14 error code varies depending on the diagnosis of the problem. The problem could be a faulty injector, damaged wiring, or a failing ECU. Repair costs may also differ depending on the mechanic or repair shop that’s doing the repair and the parts and labor required.

5) Can I Prevent or Avoid P2B14 from Occurring?

Ensuring proper maintenance and regular servicing can help prevent problems that trigger P2B14, including the fuel injection system, electrical wiring issues, or the ECU. It’s essential to take your vehicle for service at the correct intervals to prevent any problems from arising.


P2B14 error code is one of the OBD-II codes that drivers and mechanics encounter, indicating a malfunction of the cylinder 3 fuel injection pulse. Once detected, it’s essential to diagnose the code and the underlying issue to prevent engine performance problems and the risk of further damage to the vehicle. Working with a qualified mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue is the best course of action to keep your vehicle running efficiently. As such, it’s crucial to conduct regular maintenance to identify and remedy your vehicle’s problems promptly.

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